Nini Ofri, President – Fawn Realty

Ms. Nini Ofri have been involved in Chelsea real estate since 1978. As assistant to Michael Dezer from 1978 to 1987 Ms. Ofri covered all aspects of the trade, specifically:

  • Acquiring properties
  • Cost management. Building turn around from deficits to profitable operations
  • Leasing / Sales
  • Coop and condo conversion
  • Building maintenance

Working with investors, Ms. Ofri earned their complete confidence with her integrity and honesty. Ms. Ofri keeps a working relationship based on high standards of personal service, constant communication and mutual respect.

Some of the buildings that Ms. Ofri has been involved in purchasing, renovating, coop & condo conversion and managing, in New York:

89 Fifth Avenue, 133 Fifth Avenue, 137 Fifth Avenue (coop), 151 West 19th Street, 6 West 20th Street, 20 West 20th Street, 27 West 20th Street, 48 West 21st Street, 4 West 22nd Street, 108 West 25th Street (condo), 133 West 25th Street, 150 West 25th Street, 122 West 26th Street, 134 West 26th Street (coop), 28 West 27th Street {coop}, 40 West 27th Street, 135 West 27th Street {coop}, 39 West 29th Street (coop), 25 West 31st Street (coop), 270 11th Avenue , and many more….

Ms. Ofri is a Licensed Real Estate broker incorporated as Fawn Realty Corp. and is currently managing five commercial coop buildings. 137 Fifth Avenue, 28 West 27th Street, 141 West 28th Street, 25 West 31st Street and 135 West 27th Street.

Ms. Ofri is also the proud owner of The Drake Inn, Hampton Bays, NY.

When Ms. Ofri purchased the property in 2013 (known then as the Drake Motor Inn), the property was in total disrepair. However, Ms. Ofri was able to envision the potential and turned The Drake Inn into one of the most sought-after accommodations in the Hamptons.

Today The Drake Inn is rated as the number one accommodation in Hampton Bays
(out of 12) and number 8 in The entire Hamptons (out of 90).

The Drake Inn has also been awarded Certificates of excellence by TripAdvisor for the years, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and was awarded by TripAdvisor a “Bravo Badge.”  Other accolades include “The Guest Review Reward” from and “The Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service” by CBN.

Feel free to visit the inn’s site at:

You can also read what Guests say about The Drake Inn here: