Welcome to FAWN REALTY

Fawn Realty Company is a highly respected full-service real estate company that specializes in NYC Commercial Real Estate, as well as commercial NYC building management. Offering Sales, leasing, management and consulting services, Fawn Realty Company is second to none for all of your NYC building management and real estate needs.

Started by Nini Ofri, who is also the company’s president, Fawn Realty provides sales, leasing, management and consulting services in and around the NYC area. Nini has been involved with all aspects of NYC commercial real estate for over 30-years, and is an expert in her field. The rest of the staff are all seasoned professionals with years of experience in NYC real estate, and they are ready to find the right loft space NYC for your particular need. Together they specialize in:

  • Acquisition of NYC Commercial Real Estate.
  • Cost management, control costs and maximize efficiency.
  • Renovation – high tech modern state of art offices, lofts and studios.
  • Leasing / Sales – commercial and residential.
  • Conversions –  from commercial and/or vacant buildings to legal cooperatives and condominiums.
  • Building maintenance and management with professional and responsive staff available for general and specific needs.

Fawn Realty Company brings a level of professionalism and experience to its clients 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Management services include providing 24-hour building management for all NYC building management needs. There are many NYC management companies to choose from, but Fawn Realty offers the best service with highest customer satisfaction.

Want to know what customers think about Fawn Realty? Check out some of the testimonials and references. Fawn Realty is proud of what customers and professionals say about its services.

If you are in the market to rent or purchase Chelsea real estate NYC, or looking to purchase the NYC commercial real estate, then Fawn Realty Company has the tools and professionals to get you there. Fawn can assist you in finding the right client or property to meet your needs. key services include:

  • Leasing commercial lofts NYC and office space NYC for owners and prospective tenants.
  • Purchase and sale of commercial cooperative units, condominiums, stores and lofts.
  • Management of commercial buildings and NYC commercial real estate.
  • Consulting expertise for coops, condos and new and existing lofts NYC.

Fawn Realty Company offers full-service management for cooperative and condominium buildings in the NYC area, specializes in lofts NYC and office space NYC.

Check out a list of buildings Fawn has managed or currently manages. You can also access Fawn’s ist of services in regard to NYC commercial real estate.

Fawn also offers leasing and consulting services. If you are interested in leasing office space NYC for business, then Fawn is the company you should want by your side. Fawn also offers full-service consulting services to all of your NYC commercial real estate needs. The Fawn staff is ready to assist you with any questions and problems you may have.

You can contact us through this site. We will respond to your email within a couple of hours. You can also call us directly at (212) 254-3434 or (646) 884-0954. We look forward to hearing from you. A better NYC commercial real estate experience is waiting for you at Fawn.